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  • 3-f Voltage output from 1-f supply
  • 0-450V f-N output voltage
  • 20VA/phase maximum output
  • Variable Frequency 30-999.9Hz
  • Phase shift ±180.0°
  • Multi-function timing system
  • USB keyboard for comment
  • USB data storage.
  • Ideally suited to testing G59 schemes
  • Step change of phase and df/dt
  • Large 6.5” back-lit colour LCD
  • Automatic mains voltage selection
  • Fully Programmable test procedures.
  • Rugged case and weighs under 9kg.

Instrument Features

The new ART3V brings new features to our range of relay test equipment making it far more adaptable. The new output voltages are higher and have a finer level of accuracy and control. The new full colour LCD provides more test detail, making it easy to understand.  The ART3V user interface is an improvement of the DVS3 mk2 allowing simple testing of complex voltage and loss of mains protection systems.
The ART3V has vastly improved accuracy, stability, and features. Designed to be the trusted and reliable voltage source for relay testing. The ART3V has been designed using the latest digital technology to generate a highly stable and accurate output with very low distortion.  Each phase output is individually adjustable for voltage, frequency and phase angle. The unit is controlled by a simple user interface within defined menus. Values may be either typed in at the capacitive keypad or finely varied using a smooth rotary encoder.
Bespoke test procedures can be created for step changes of any output variable at set times or with automatic timing of the response of the relay under test.
The ART3V has a colour back-lit display to provide an easy to read user interface.  Menu options are selected by dedicated buttons on the panel, allowing easy mode change.  All information is displayed including contact set status, and a phasor diagram.
The ART3V is ideally suited to testing G59 protection, including loss of mains protection.  Vector surge and df/dt (ROCOF) relays can be simply tested and timed, as well as other protection requiring one to three voltages, including:
Under and over frequency relays
Under and over voltage relays
Synchronising relays
df/dt & ROCOF relays
Vector surge relays
In conjunction with the ART3C or a current source (such as the 200ADM-P), the ART3V can be used to test protection circuits, including:
Directional relays
Distance protection
Phase angle relays
Power relays
Power transducers
ART3V Specification
The output of the ART3V has 4mm safety sockets for phases A, B, C and neutral.  The neutral connection may be omitted for a delta connection. The neutrals can be linked for a star connection using the provided accessory.
Timing System
The timing system on the ART3V is flexible and  transparent with different modes of operation.
USB Data
The ART3V can be connected to a USB keyboard for adding comments to tests.  Each test is stored to a USB memory key with each comment. The data is stored in a *.CSV format allowing it to be opened in all types of desktop PC spreadsheet software.
Modes of Operation
Output Adjust
This mode allows full control of frequency, voltage and phase.
Phase Lock Mode
The frequency and phase of the output can be controlled by an external reference in phase lock mode.  The reference may  be the mains supply to the ART3V, an external voltage, current.  This mode allows testing of directional and distance protection in conjunction with an external current source.
Fault Config Mode
Fault Config mode allows extra flexibility in testing complex timed events or several sets of values that must be applied to a relay in turn.  This mode allows three sets of values to be set in advance (pre-fault, fault, and post-fault values).  The ART3V may be set to switch from one state to the next on a change of contact or after a specific time.  In addition, the timer may be set to start or stop on any one of the state changes or a change of contact state.  This mode allows frequency, phase and voltage to be changed simultaneously if required. Test configurations can be save to USB.  More complex configurations can be loaded from the USB, such as a complete G59 relay test, such as relay stability tests.
df/dt and ROCOF (Rate Of Change Of Frequency)
Loss of mains protection often takes the form of a df/dt relay, sensitive to the rate of change of frequency over time.  The ART3V is able to generate a swept frequency output with accurate rates of change of frequency between preset frequencies.

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